Resources for US small-business owners

Last updated August 17th, 2020

Programs and support

“What resources are available to support my business during the COVID-19 crisis?”

Planning to reopen

“How can I get my business up and running again?”

Back to business

“How might I think about the future of my business?”

The COVID-19 crisis disproportionately impacts minority workers and minority-owned businesses, with the greatest impact on Black and Latinx communities. In light of these disparities, we are committed to increasing Black and other minority-specific SMB support and voices we feature on our website. Please submit additional resources via the feedback button below:

Visit the diversity and inclusion section of our site for our statement on racial bias and social injustice and to learn more about what our firm is doing to break down unacceptable barriers to equality and opportunity.

COVID Response Center

The COVID Response Center is a way for us to support and amplify the many ongoing and urgent efforts that aim to first safeguard lives, and then livelihoods, while helping communities that are dealing with the fallout of this global pandemic.

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