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Last updated August 17th, 2020

Ways to ask for support

Sometimes business owners forget to ask for help. It’s important to recognize that you are part of the community, and as you make changes to promote the well-being of your employees and customers, you can ask for support from the community in return.


Download PDF of posters in letter size (8.5x11in)

Black & white verison:

Download a poster collage in tabloid size (11x17in)

Black & white verison:

Three ways to use signage to ask for support

1. Share on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc

Share your favorite callouts to post on your preferred social media platforms. See engaging with new and existing customers for tips on creating an online presence if you don’t have one yet.

2. Put up posters on your business’s wall

  1. Download the PDF posters and print the pages you like.
  2. Customize the posters by writing your social media handle or preferred review platform in the blank boxes with a thick marker.
  3. Place them on the wall of your business where they’re visible to customers or passersby.

3. Showcase the images on your website

Download the images and showcase them on your website. Let customers know how your business is doing during this time (eg, you’ve adjusted hours or offerings) so that they become aware of how your business is handling the current situation.

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